Mental Health Daily Planner For Recovery

Mental Health Daily Planner For Recovery

This is a free step-by-step mental health daily planner for recovery and prevention just to get you back on top of your health wellness. Depression and anxiety can give a bit of an overwhelming sense of a lot of pressure from all the various different influences, pushes, and pulls in your life and they can be right from the start of the day which brings negative thinking and can sometimes lead to mental illness.

We here at all health matters know that it is worth having a planner to help you on a mental health journey to battle and overcome it and try to give you back some of that positivity, happiness, and control of your mental health using these basics happiness planner for 2021.

How this mental health daily planner will help you.

A lot of mental health websites will talk about causes and how to change your mindset which can also be beneficial to getting better. But not having a mental health daily planner self-health guide structure to help you through the recovery of your day can make it feel impossible. So here is how you will start writing your personal planner, started off with today’s activities.

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Mental Health Daily Planner
Mental Health Daily Planner


This will be the first part of what you like when you’re feeling well;

  • More energetic
  • Motivated
  • Hopeful
  • Silly
  • Funny


The next part of the daily mental health planner is to write down some goals which it’s nice to remember your goals and dreams, to make sure you always have something to look forward to and you could add the steps to take to reach those goals, so that’s what you can do on monthly basic;

  • Graduate college
  • Own a house
  • Get married
  • Get a full time job with benefits

Get it done

The third part is your daily list, so this can be a list of things for you to do every day to maintain your wellness and this must be a list of things that you have to do daily, not that you choose to do;

  • Drink four cups a water a day
  • Eat three meals a day ( include healthy diet food)
  • Do some house work
  • Do something fun

On my Mind

These can be your triggers words, so you can write down whatever might put you in an episode of making you feel down and feeling depressed, maybe you don’t have a mental illness but these are just things that don’t make you feel good or don’t make your day go by smoothly, so you can kind of make your own list and fill this out how you wanted it to be;

  • Cant not sleep
  • Relationship problems
  • Criticism
  • Feeling overwhelm, sad, and alone

Big problems

This is how you deal with those feelings and emotions that you got from your triggers plan in a healthy way, so not like a coping mechanism, but more like self-harm things like binge eating, exercising, spending a lot of money, or driving super fast, like a lot of the things that you’ll do that kind of gives you that rush, which makes you feel better in the short term but in the long term those all have consequences and you won’t feel good afterward;

  • Call someone
  • Take bath
  • Real a book
  • Join a group
  • Watch a funny episode


This is going to be early warning signs that you’re not doing well;

  • Crying a lot
  • Sleeping and eating diff
  • Irritable
  • Can’t sleeps during depression


Are signs of breakdown, so these might be signs that you need to go to the hospital, you need some kind of emergency, visit with your doctor, psychiatrist, or your therapist, so early warning signs is kind of like the beginning and signs of breakdown is like closer to the end where you need to take action before you make a pretty bad decision;

  • Thinking of hurting myself or others
  • Doing or thinking of dangerous things
  • Out of control
  • Obsession taking over
  • Not sleeping at all
  • Hopeless

Action plan

This action plan is more serious than the plan for triggers, but you can improve your mental health with this in a week;

  • Hang out with friends
  • Think positive
  • Workout
  • Me time
  • Happiness planner
  • Treat yourself
  • Call support
  • Go in nature
  • Eat Well


This supports is good for help and information, but not everyone is good support and that is not a bad thing because people will have different roles in your life, so you’re going to write who they are their name, and then their role.

Priority info

Use this plan to list medications that you won’t take, ones that haven’t worked for you, and medication that has bad side effects.

  • __
  • __

I think that’s a pretty good list that can help change your life, something that can remind you and can use even if you don’t have a mental illness and mental health are any sorts of illness.

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