You Are What You Eat Meaning – 5 Amazing Tips

You Are What You Eat

I know somewhere we’ve all heard the term “you are what you eat” and the scientific explanation meaning is if you eat crappy food you’re going to look and feel crappy, if you eat healthy food then you will feel good and healthy. You are what you put into your body.

But there is next term that we used and that is “comfort food” or “stress eating” and it’s a tough habit to get out of.

The coronavirus restrictions and several lockdowns have led to big changes in our health behaviors, prompting people to cut back on physical activity and eat more junk food.

As we look to the future and are hopeful to come out of the lockdown soon, here are 5 amazing tips to help you kick crappy food to the curb when you feel the need for a Happy Meal consider having healthy diet food. A salad plate with more vegetables. To remember this main term hang up you are what you eat quotes on your kitchen wall.

5 Tips for you are what you eat

  1. Identify your triggers
    Triggers that lead to stress eating look different for everyone, and a good starting point is to make a food journal and write down when you tend to go for junk food or overeat.
  2. Ask yourself “Am I hungry?
    The next time you’re tempted, think if you actually feel hungry. If you’re “emotionally hungry” typically you’ll feel a sudden craving for a specific food, usually junk food. If this happens – you’re not hungry, you might just need some headspace.
  3. Practice stress management
    If stress is a factor why you comfort eat, then think of some ways to destress yourself before you reach for snacks. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk, move away from where you have been seated, or just close your eyes and remember the term ‘you are what you eat.’
  4. Eat mindfully
    Mindful eating is the idea of paying attention to what you are consuming. taste each bite, eat with little or no distractions and take time to chew your food to truly enjoy the taste.
  5. Drink more
    Instead of reaching for quick and easy snacks such as chocolate or biscuits, when you feel the urge to eat something sweet, have some water and vegetable. Salad meal and Water fills us up, helps us feel full, and will give you a burst of hydration!

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