Untold Truth About Health And Fitness 2021

Health And Fitness

One of the major concerns is everything you know about fitness is a lie and all health matters will reveal the untold truth about health and fitness facts and information that have increased rapidly across the world in recent times with physical health. Everyone is suddenly been awakened to the cruel reality of life, having good physical health is the most basic need in reality and you can’t afford to ignore it not anymore. Your body is the physical world, you represent it the minute you walk into a room people can tell a lot about your habits as well as what you think about yourself just by looking at your body.

Someone can look at your body and tell whether you abuse your body or look after yourself.

Without enjoying great health, fitness, energy, and vitality all the riches in the world can never be enjoyed.

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How to take care of health?

The sad thing about human nature is that people want to pay attention to health, but only after they realize that they have symptoms of a degenerative disease like diabetes, or when they have their first mild heart attack, The human body is considered the most sacred temple in the world. Have we intellectually know that we don’t treat this temple very well.

Let’s assume that I want to know the truth about everything about fitness, and begin to take care of your body. But how do we care? Very often we care about fitness and we assume that we are caring for the body. These days the vast majority of people talk about fitness and they think they’re actually talking about health. Well, there’s a big difference everything you know about fitness is a lie.

Difference between health and fitness

This is a simple way to help you know what is health and fitness e.g,

Fitness is the physical ability to perform an athletic activity. Health however is defined as the state where all the systems of the body nervous, muscular, skeletal, circulatory. digestive. lymphatic, hormonal. and et cetera are working in an optimal way.

Fitness is having the love for your body and Health is being in love with your body.

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If you look in the dictionary you can do it open up a dictionary. it says right there in the medical dictionary, The definition of health is not just the absence of symptoms it’s actually 100 percent function. The function of all the cells, organs, and all the nerves in the body working perfectly, it’s actually the function of your physical-chemical emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Understanding health and energy

The quality of health we enjoy is due to the flow of energy we experience every day. When there is a hindrance to the flow of energy we begin to lose ease with our body and strike the disease. The bottom line is this, the quality of health is energy.

Energy is built at the cellular level. Energy comes from the cells. and cells are the building blocks of every living human, health. life and death start created and end at the cellular level.

What are cells?

Cells are the building blocks of our physical body, all physical parts in our body are made of various cells, and cells need oxygen and nutrients to produce energy. Cells must have oxygen, anything that diminishes the level of oxygen in the cells of the body is disease-producing.

The blood delivering the nutrients and oxygen to the cells, our bloodstream act as an environment to support the health of a cell. All healthy cells have the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients, they also have the ability to eliminate the waste in order to stay healthy.

This means that everything we put into our body has to be either assimilated or eliminated from the body. A healthy cell produces energy in a healthy environment namely a healthy fluid in the bloodstream.

Therefore the environment has a direct influence on the cell, a healthy environment keeps the equilibrium, and when that equilibrium is lost disease strikes. Let me give you an example, we all know that garbage attracts rats, dirt dumps track cockroaches. killing rats and cockroaches won’t solve the problem in the long term. as long as it’s a dirty environment they’ll keep coming back.

It’s the condition that attracts germs and diseases into our body.

What foods consist of a healthy diet?

Health experts suggest that your diet must consist of 70 percent water-rich food. A water-rich diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables or their juices freshly squeezed.

  • Carrots have 90% water
  • Lattice has 96% water
  • Celery has 95% water
  • Broccoli has 92% water

You should eat foods that come out of the ground, looking the way it looks when you eat it, if it’s processed or packaged yours got trans fats these all increase shelf life but they shorten human life.

Click here to see 10 ways how to achieve a balanced diet.

Your body is comprised of 70 to 80 percent water so after oxygen water is the most important nutrient, the dehydrated cell is a dead-around healthy cell. Under a microscope, the difference between a healthy hydrated cell and a healthy dehydrated cell is best illustrated by the difference between a grape and a raisin.

Exercise tips

Walk 30 minutes a day, you don’t have to do that at the end of the day, you can make it a part of what you do every day, like using the stairs instead of elevators but 30 minutes of extra walking is normally the exercise you need every day or use my best running tips for beginners.

Doctors of longevity tell us that all increase blood flow is good for the brain also lifts our spirits. Exercise leads to perspiration, which is another way of getting toxins out of bodies. Exercise makes you feel better and it gives you more energy. High energy performance comes from moving. Exercise is the single best method available for decreasing tension and stress that take away your mental health energy. The fastest way to get out of stress is to work out and regular exercise will certainly help because it will help increase oxygen and hemoglobin levels. It will also provide happy endorphin hormones to neutralize the more toxic hormones.

The decision to determine the quality of our health and fitness is the lifestyle decisions we make every day that determine our health and diseases. In the near future, the real improvement in our healthcare is less likely to be driven by the advancement of medical science, but by our improved decisions in dietary changes and our healthy lifestyle.

What is the cause of diseases?

Symptoms of the disease are the curing process of how the body is trying to get rid of its toxins. and all the symptoms are nothing but various means of getting rid of poison or toxicity inside the body. The cause of disease or the symptoms are not a real problem the real problem is the source, which is the environment. What attracts germs to flourish in our body is the environment. The accumulation of toxins in our system causes disease the paradigm of treating symptoms is an old paradigm. Now is the time to change, modern medicine now advocates that all diseases are lifestyle-related diseases.

If you lead a lifestyle that Mel nourishes your system you will attract disease, and if you live a healthy lifestyle you will be disease-free quite simple we don’t catch diseases.

People don’t catch disease, we create them by the way we live and we don’t catch a cold or flu we actually earning it by fostering toxic waste conditions in our bodies as a result of our lifestyles.

We have a society that monumentally conspires against the pursuit of health, we have wave after wave of labor-saving technology that says don’t ever use your muscles for anything, along with messages that you should be more physically active. We have every year the introduction of hundreds if not thousands of new highly processed foods the majority of which glow in the dark, but at the same time we’re telling people to eat foods closer to nature and we have crazy hectic routines that where everybody out without doing any of the physical exertions that would actually be good for them.

We have schools where we teach children to sit still all day long so they can become adults, we can’t get them off couches with crowbars. So there’s an awful lot about our society that is at odds with the basic message of don’t smoke be active eat a healthy diet and by the way control stress and get enough sleep. We don’t make those things easy, we ideally would make health lie along the path of least resistance but if not the path of least resistance there at least needs to be a pass so you don’t bushwhack your way there.

Quote by Dr. David L. Katz

The function of health

Is the Foundation of healthy bloodstream, the system that transports oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body if you have a healthy circulatory system you’re going to live long and lead a healthy life. The environment is the bloodstream. Then what is the control button for the system? It is breathing.

How do we breathe well?

We all do it breath, but we don’t really do it well. A diagnosis based in California by the name of doctor Jack Shields found that deep diaphragmatic breathing could accelerate the process of toxin elimination from the body, by as much as 15 times. He put cameras inside people’s bodies to see what stimulated cleansing the lymph system. He found that a deep diaphragmatic breath is the most effective way to accomplish this. You create something like a vacuum that sucks limp through the bloodstream and multiplies the pace at which the body eliminates toxins in fact deep breathing exercises can accelerate this process by as much as 15 times.

  • Most importantly want to make sure our chest is open we’re standing up straight or sitting up straight.
  • We want to make sure our chest is open for lunch to open and we can get the full amount of oxygen to breathe.
  • Then we’re gonna breathing for 3 seconds through our nose and feel as if we’re breathing into the stomach (into diaphragm) and then you’re gonna hold it, for 3 seconds.
  • Then you’re gonna blow out of the mouth for 4 seconds, so it’s going to be like 3 seconds through the nose.
  • Breeding at a diaphragm and the stomach holding it for 3 seconds.
  • Final then breathing out of the mouth for 4 seconds.

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