Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Best Wellbeing App - At Your Fingertips For 2021

Wellbeing App

What is wellbeing app?

Many people may ask this question, what is the best wellbeing app,? This is online digital moderator platform that can be download on any smart device, which will help anyone to achieve good self-care, also benefits from maintaining good health and fitness. Since a lot of our world is moved online - so have a lot of our wellbeing resources! More digital apps than ever are available to help with our wellbeing. So I have picked 5 highly rated wellbeing apps covering a number of specific areas for you. Lets jump right into it below.

Sleep app: Sleepio

Sleepio, is designed for insomnia but it works if you have a range of sleep issues. Fill out the sleep diary and work through your concerns with a 'virtual therapist', using tools to help you drop off to a restful slumber.

Relaxation app: Calm

Calm approaches coping with stress with a variety of tools. You can try meditation, mindfulness or listen to episodes taught by some of the world's most chilled experts, while enjoying some relaxing music and imagery.

Exercise app: Better Points

This app rewards you for exercising with points you can then spend on the high street in shops, such as New Look, John Lewis, Starbucks, and Hotel Chocolat; or online at sites like Amazon. You can use it for walking, cycling and running. Better Points uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements.

Achieving your goals app: Streaks

Streaks is a to-do list that helps you form good habits, and holds you accountable to all your goals. It allows you to track up to twelve tasks you want to complete each day and the goal is to build a streak of consecutive days. Whether it is going for a run, reading a chapter of a book, or quitting smoking.

Stop smoking app: Smoke Free

This app can track your cravings and progress as well as how much money you’ve saved. Perhaps most motivational of all, it tells you the hours of life you've saved too.

Wellbeing app: My healthy advantage

My healthy advantage provides proactive wellbeing tools and features to help your wellbeing. The app aims to improve your mental, physical and financial health by using personalised content and four-week plans to set goals and celebrate achievements.

Note that all these digital wellbeing app require you to sign up, and fill in some details about you to get started.



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