Difference Between Mental Health And Mental Illness

Hi, there welcome once again to my first article about mental health and mental illness how to know the difference. It can be confusing for some people to figure out the difference between mental health and mental illness. My job here today is to help you know the difference between these two.

What is mental health?

Everyone has some form of mental health all of the time. It’s just like this, we talk about mental health we’re talking about our state of well-being, having good mental health means that you can realize your own abilities, you can cope with everyday stresses, you can work productively, and you can positively contribute to your community.
Just like when getting sick we can all go through episodes of having poor mental health, because most of the stress and psychological impairment, that can be compared to a major depressive episode like when you lose a job, a loved one dies, or a relationship breakdown. That is what mental health means, when I talk about mental health it’s your stage of well-being.

What is mental illness?

But then what’s mental illness what is the difference? The very different this is a medical diagnosis and results in significant impairment, affecting your ability to logically think, to maintain relationships, and to work.
Mental illness also causes distress, it can cause a feeling that something is really wrong but it’s usually for no reason.  it’s not because of a relationship break up and it’s not because you lost your job. It because of this function your ability to work and live a normal life, is clearly impaired.

Mental illness includes

  • depression
  •  schizophrenia
  • bipolar
  • eating disorders
There’s actually a whole book of mental illness it is called the DSM 5. Mental health can be improved by regular exercise and a good sleeping pattern, but Mental illness only usually improves when there is a medical intervention that is treated by mental health professionals, and management usually requires medication and learning coping strategies to manage everyday life.

Mental health v.s mental illness

Everyone has mental health, but not everyone has a mental illness. You can have bad mental health and not have a mental illness and you can also have good mental health while still having a mental illness.
How do I know that my mental illness wasn’t just bad mental health? Because I was doing everything that I know helps with mental health, I was trying to regulate exercise, well as trying to watch my diet, I was trying to get a good sleeping pattern, I was also even writing, reading, and drawing.
All these things that usually will help my mental health, just nothing was working and from there I know that something was wrong. I didn’t know what and it was really distressing me. I couldn’t go to work because I couldn’t function and that’s how I knew that it was my mental illness, it was a relapse of depression.
In the next upcoming article, I will share techniques and tools that I’ve learned to better my mental health, these are for everyone because everyone including you have to learn to look after and manage their mental health.
I’m also not afraid to talk about how my mental illness impacts my life because it does and I want people who have a mental illness to know that you’re not alone there are people out there who understand you, and there are people that you can relate to and I am one of them.
Today we learn about mental health and mental illness how to know the difference.  If you enjoyed reading this article please comment and share if you want more like this and remember to check out essential oil recipe blend for anxiety and any common condition.

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