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How To Make Tea Properly -Twinings UK


How To Make Tea


I know that many people did think they know how to make tea properly. But this must be shocking to hear that there is a secret formula way how to make good tea preparing teabag. This winter there is perhaps no other country who loves to drink a cup of tea every hour, more in this world like British people and they seems to love buying a lot of tea from Twinings UK tea shop without knowing the correct way how to make tea to get its rich flavoring taste. In the United Kingdom where drinking tea time is like a natural ritual. 

In England mostly everyone usually stops what they're doing at any time just to make a good cup of tea to drink, but not so much these days only on the weekends if they are having friends around or working from home. Then it's going to be a sit-down and do the whole 9 yards of having sandwiches scones cakes with a cup of tea.

But now, because life these days is moving so fast, certainly I think no one knows how to prepare a cup of tea properly and that is what this article about. Twinings UK is a big advocate of this because they are well known to sell a lot of delicious tea supplies. They also know by scientist studies that many people do have a tea break even when working and millions of people in this world take 10 to 15 minutes off just to have a tea break without having an idea how to make a good cup of tea. 

How to make tea properly?

Who is better to share with us tips on how to prepare a cup of tea properly, than Mr, Stephen Twining, a tenth-generation member of the famous British tea family, an expert on how to make tea from Twinings Uk tea shop. This man drinks at least 9 cups of tea per-day he said, on a good morning Britten TV show interview. How to make tea properly? Many people think it's just a matter of pouring boiling water over your teabag. But it's not quite that simple, there are a few bits of science you need to know.

The first thing you need to know how to prepare a tea bag is good quality cold water, pour into your electric kettle, or boil the stove when heating up. You should know that fresh cold water has more dissolved oxygen in it, and If you re-boil your water or you put into a microwave and over-boiled it, you’re getting rid of all that dissolved oxygen so you never get the right flavor out of the teabag. 
The best use is spring bottled water because it's chlorine-free and already filter so it's much more light which helps bring out the flavor of the teabag. With top-water it must be filtered before used because it will also reduce the flavor taste of  how do you make tea properly and well brew, this is scientifically proven.
Never used a Styrofoam cup, which is a particularly bad way of make good tea. Styrofoam absorbs flavor molecules reducing the tastiness of the tea. Choose what you drink wisely.  
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How do you make tea for taste?  

The important thing is how to make tea to get the right taste when brewing tea bags. The most obvious one of the big mistakes I see, most people make is pouring the hot water straight onto the tea bag and immediately the color just washes out. But the color has nothing to do with the taste, so after 30 seconds your cup of tea looks to be like the way it is when ready to drink, so it's very tempting after 30 seconds to pull the teabag out. But when you drink the tea, it tastes horrible, why? because it was not quit brew and ready to drink, all the delicious flavor is still in the teabag. For how to prepare tea bag, it takes 3 minutes the minimum to be ready to drink, so this is good to know.


Benefits to make good tea

The benefits of making good tea are to help you to get more, flavor, richer taste out of how to prepare tea bag, also help you cope better throughout the day because it would take the stress level down, refreshes the brain, re-hydrate you, and you will get more done in the whole day. Knowing how to make tea properly and when to take a tea break will give you much advantage. The disadvantage is that you would be better than a most person who doesn't know how to make tea properly. They just works and never takes a tea breaks to figure out how to prepare tea bags.


How to brew green tea?

The time to Brew Green tea, you need to let the kettle cool, so it's going to be about 180 degrees you don't need a tetrameter for this, just give it 5 minutes to cool down from a boiling point. If you put hot boiling water on green tea without it cooling down it will taste bitter.  

How to make black tea?

Just as it reaches the boiling point on goes the water because it needs the heat to get the flavor out of the teabag, and don't over boil it because all you're doing is dispensing that dissolved oxygen.


Twinings UK storing tips

When taken from the package, tea bags are extremely sensitive to odors and may become “stale.” To avoid this, you should put the “unprotected” tea bags in a sealed container instantly and store it in a dry, cool place. I Do not recommended storing teabag in the refrigerator or freezer, because condensation will occur, and affecting the flavor of how to make properly. 


Best way to drink tea bags

There are ways to drink tea bags, which can be lead to some people's likes, can be sweetened with sugar, natural honey, lemon, or milk. It’s a matter of personal taste. But sweeten with sugar can be the wrong choice. Why,? because one it dominates the taste buds, so you never actually taste the real flavor of the tea bags. All the essence is still blocked inside the tea bag by the sugar, and you're just tasting hot Sweeten water. Which makes all the calorie amount goes off the scale.


Healthy ways to sweeten tea

To make a cup of tea properly without milk or sugar This is fantastic and healthy way to prepare tea because it makes all the calorie amount goes off the scale, and as less calorie per cup when brewing tea. The best sweetener I recommend for making a good cup of tea is, adding a little bit of low-fat milk, lemon, or without no sweetener, drink it just absolutely how it comes. I hope this helps you a lot.




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