10 Easy Stretches For Sitting All Day Long 2021

Stretches For Sitting All Day

These are some simple best stretches for sitting all day long working from home, and do you know that if you’ve been sitting too long can cause serious damage to your physical health? Well, it’s everyone’s job to figure out the perfect everyday stretching exercises you can do when sitting at your desk all-day strategy. In this time of pandemic lock-down, can cause a lot of people to work from home and spending much more time sitting down, or just staying home doing the norm sitting watching Netflix and not able to do any activity feeling effortless.

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Sitting for too long without doing any stretches can have a wide-ranging effect and the most important muscles that can cause a lot of aching lower back pain. I can imagine you’ve probably attempted some variety of stretches to do during the day before and to found yourself wasting hours of time watching Youtube videos for various types of exercise, and only to find out that it only just has a small impact on your muscles and spine. This means your pain returns as soon as possible when seated again.

What if I tell you that there is a simple variety of different exercises, that including basic static stretches for sitting all day, which you can use to unlock your inner athlete muscle in 15 minutes which will help you feel more relaxed, thighs pain, legs pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain will never trouble you again.

Stretches Exercises While Sitting All Day

When counteract sitting all day and not moving, it can cause your muscles to not loosen molecules such as protein and enzyme, which play a great cause of helping the process to break down the fats and sugars you consume every day. This can help maintain good physical health if you sitting in a chair all day.

To find out the secret formula that thousands of people are using to undo the damage of sitting in 3 minutes when over seated working from home or at the desk. Lack of physical activity can contribute to getting diabetes, and leg blood clots in this time of pandemic working from home is increasing, and the risk factor is getting higher.

Remember sitting is not really dangerous, but not moving is. Below is a list of 10 easy best stretches for sitting all day you can perform.

10 Easy Stretches For Sitting All Day Long

But first, All Health Matter wants to give credit to Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck the famous physical therapists for these 10 easy stretches exercises for people who sit all day at a desk.

  1. Posture Breathing, seated up straight in your chair and take a deep breath into your nose and out through your mouth, and while you’re doing this exercises when seated continue to breathe on and have a hold and your breath is very that simple.
  2. Chin Tucks, you want to try and relax in your position, stretch up, so stretch your Spain, then you want to tuck your chin in and bring your head back and continue stretching up straight you should do 5 to10 of these the max. Don’t look up or down, you’re going back and out.
  3. Neck Rotation, simply keeps your trunks your shoulder still looks to the right then look to the left, if you want to look left or right it does not matter, do what feels good. If you wanted to do a little extra stretch on there you can gentle without doing anything aggressively or used fingertips to keep it gentle.
  4. Open Arms, reach both arms out, and then you want to make a circle, route forward first, and then backward, you can also make a small or big circle whichever feels good. This exercise is good for arthritis or shoulder pain, just do this if tolerated but do both directions.
  5. Hallelujah. reach or stretch your arms up, this is beneficial if you got tight sore shoulders. Stretch arms high or as far you can and also stretch the back over the chair and make sure the chair not too high on your shoulders so you don’t bump your head into it.
  6. Rowing. this exercise is similar to rowing a boat so imaging you are in one and really think of pulling way back hard. This is going to help the posture get those muscles behind the backside of your back.
  7. Wax-off Wax-on. this stretch exercise is like your washing a window with two hands, waving it like a car windscreen wiper.
  8. Wrist Flexor Stretch, put your wrist out and in line with your shoulder while seated, try to curl the palms, and stuck the fingers in. Then wave the wrist up and down. You can do has many till its feels well enough or 10 max. Then open and close making a fist with both hands still stretching out.
  9. Truck Rotation, This is very nice if you have an armrest chair, just stay seated and glue yourself to the chair. Them you want to rotate to the right and hold on to handle and give a little extra stretch as long if it doesn’t feel painful. This exercise helps get rid of lower back pain. Then repeat the same rotation to the left and if one direction feels good and the other hurts, go the direction that feels good, then slowly test the painful side, but don’t force into pain.
  10. Marching, you want to bring those legs and keens up as high you can while still seating, best stretch for hip pain, leg pain, and back pain. This exercise is a bit hard to keep posture this way because it has a tendency to pull you forward so hold on to your chair and push your butt back in it. Always remember to keep breathing.

How to stay active and work from home

These tips can help improve the way you working from home and stay active because it can be overwhelming to find comfort. exercise. and the peace of mind to concentrate on work and not the regular home duties.

  • A schedule list will help you be more clear of what you need to do in the day, which will lead to a stress-free day. You will be more positive and productive.
  • Happy clutter-free work area, you should make sure you have an abundance of light and a desk soft comfy chair that has been positioned correctly to stop you from getting back pains, blood clots, and other related problems. I would have a few plants around to make you feel like you are outside and you should be happier and Zen.
  • Take a break regularly break from the computer and your desk every hour for 5 to 10 minutes. This will stop you from having medical problems and also a clear head and eyestrain. I suggest you should make yourself a cuppa, yoga, mediation, or a walk around your garden.
  • As far as possible try and keep to your regular work hours if you can. This does not apply to me as I’m often on call evening or weekend, but if you can be strict do. It’s important to maintain a distance between work life and home life and that can be tricky if you work from home.

Stretches for sitting all day while seated

10 Easy Stretches For Sitting All Day Long

If you’re like the majority of people that sit for extended periods while at your desk, your posture has most definitely changed. But don’t be nervous! Take a few minutes to correct your posture before doing some stretches. Begin by applying these simple guidelines below.

  • Back up in your chair all the way. The backrest of the chair should support your lower back.
  • Both feet should be flat on the surface, and your knees should be directly over your ankles.
  • Adjust your seat so that your hips are just above your elbows.
  • At 90 degrees, the elbows should be resting peacefully on the chair’s armrest.
  • The computer screen must be placed at eye level, neither you should no been looking up nor down

Do you feel at ease? Sitting in this position can seem odd at first. With a little practice, you’ll see that sitting in this position becomes more natural.

Now I think you’re ready for pro version stretches exercise to adjusted unlock your inner athlete muscle in 15 minutes strengthing your posture, if you’re not ready still try these 10 easy stretching activities while sitting at your desk.

Can Blood clot caused by sitting all day?

Yes, but just small amount of people, but 90% is cause by family blood line. Sitting down and not able to take any break or stretches for sitting all day when working from home. The blood in the deep vein of the leg can be blocked up if you don’t take brakes for stretches. If this blood clot breaks off, the flow of blood to various parts of the body, such as the lungs, can cause you to seek medical emergency and may lead to serious complications or death. Sitting for all-day and not exercise can trigger blood clots even during an extended road trip so always consider stretching even the legs at times.


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