Blend Essential Oils For Antiseptics- First Aid Practice

Blend Essential Oils For Antiseptics


How to blend essential oils for antiseptics, are a valuable addition for anti-fungal and antibacterial, which everyone should know how to blend and keep at home within the first aid kit. The best practice is important you to blend essential oils for antiseptics and have it  alongside with your bandages, hydrogen peroxide, plasters, or any dressing supplies. Blend essential oils for antiseptics is a great selection for health care to treat cuts and wounds. This can be very  beneficial to soothe and calm irritated skin, such as bites, stings, minor burns, and scalds.

Essential oils for antiseptics blend for home first aid best practice, such as using tea tree oil which can be applied to neat to protect wounds from infection, while cooling and warming the essential oils can counter the effects of whether, but they are best ways to blend essential oils to make it work more effectively.  




This is very simple essential oils blend for diffuser to treat any viruses infection within the body, like cold. fever, and sore throat, (also see 10 Herbs For Colds And Coughs- You Should Have) by blending essential oil with hydrogen peroxide and survival shield hyurdie within your diffuser.


Essential Oils For Blisters  

Blisters on the skin often occur after an injury, burning, scalding, repetitive rubbing, or an insect sting. They can be painful and also very annoying. A blister develops when there is an accumulation of fluid underneath the skin. When the blister bursts, the revealed tissue beneath may be sore and become infected.  


Essential Oils For Blisters

Blend tea tree and lavender to make this ointment is a regular application to apply directly onto the affected area, which can help to reduce the swelling and prevent infection and ease the pain.


Essential oils ingredients

  • Tea tree essential oil 1 drop

  • Lavender essential oil 1 drop


    1. Apply the essential oil directly to the blister with a cotton bud.
    2. Cover the blister carefully with plaster to reduce the chance of an infection.


    Essential oils for heat exhaustion and fever

    What is heat exhaustion? This is when too much heat or sunlight causes lethargy, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and a headache. A person with heat exhaustion should be moved to a cool place given water. Fever is when the body’s defense against infections, and one should seek medical help if the temperature rises very quickly.


    heat exhaustion and fever


    How to make cooling compress ingredients blend 

    Cool the body with this compress 

    • Witch hazel 1 tbsp

    • Peppermint essential oil 2 drops

    • Lavender essential 3 drops 


      1. Get a bowl and fill it with cold water, then pour the essential oil with witch hazel and then to the water.
      2. Soak a flannel in the bowl, remove and wring out.
      3. Place the compress on the skin. leave in place while it reaches body temperature. Repeat 3 times.


      Essential oils for insect bites and stings 


      Essential oils for insect bites and stings

      The severity of bites and stings depends on the type of insect and a person’s sensitivity. A serious allergic reaction will require immediate medical help.


      The lavender compress ingredients blend

      This soothing compress reduces itching. 

      • Witch hazel 1 tbsp 

      • Lavender essential oil 3 drops

      • Roman chamomile essential oil 1 drop  


        1. Get a bowl and fill it with cold water, then pour the essential oil with witch hazel and then to the water.
        2. soak a flannel in the bowl, remove and out,
        3. Pace the flannel on the skin. leave it in place while it reaches body temperature. Repeat 3 times.

        I hope this blend essential oils for antiseptics first aid practice as been helpful, please do leave a comment and also click NEALS YARD REMEDIES to get natural and organic essential oils.

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