Best Fitness Outdoor Group Events UK

The Best Uk Fitness Outdoor
Physical fitness outdoor group events are great for everyone’s health and well-being, it unlocks your body muscles, strengthens bones, as well as lifting spiritual energy, making you more active. It also helps with brain function connecting your bodily system, to work together properly to complete daily tasks. The best UK fitness outdoor group organization and one I would recommend is called We Go Outside Too, which is also free to join. The team is amazing making fitness outdoors fun, adventurous, the activities are moderate to easy, and help to reduce stress and depression symptoms in this time of pandemic COVID-19. The fact is, just being outdoor in nature away from city pollution and connecting socially, once more with lovely people is wonderful.
The team ensures social distancing is practiced throughout the event.

Fitness outdoor group events UK review

My experience with the We Go Outside To team was fantastic, being invited to attend the first event was something I could not decline. This first theme was titled Big brother’s hike edition which was held at Carding Mill Valley Park they targeted Black men to attend with their son, nephew, cousin, family, and friends, etc.

We all walked 1.5 miles or more in total. First, we all climb the hill towards the Waterfall which was very rocky terrain but all good fun, we crossed the river, and a highlight of mine was seeing
the sparkling waterfall glazing in the sun’s rays it was breath-taking.

There were sheep grazing all along the hills and valleys, it was truly wonderful scenery.
Feeling so free with wildlife and breathing in fresh clean air.
Everyone was really enjoying themselves and having fun.
Some of the people in the group went swimming in the reservoir after the long walk.

gym instructor

Outdoor group events activities

The outdoors activities will be included for the group to participate in, the example is :

  •     Hiking
  •     Fitness long walking
  •     Yoga practice
  •     Wild Swimming
  •     Caving
  •     Outdoor mazes
  •     Climbing


How to become a remember of the group

  1. To become a member of the group it’s very easy with no charges. Contact the group leader fitness instructor, Marlon on Instagram wegooutsidetoo to see updated information on the next events posted.
  2. You can just leave a comment below with your email address and a member of the team will connect you, to get you all set for the next upcoming fitness outdoor group events.
  3.  It’s an event you don’t want to miss, you can invite your family and friends.

                                                         Pic of the day

Uk Fitness Outdoor Group Event
uk waterfall
we go outside too
The Best Uk Fitness Outdoor
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0 thoughts on “Best Fitness Outdoor Group Events UK”

  1. Thank you for the review Anthony and for joining us for our Hiking event at Carding Mills. We hope you join us again as we are planning events monthly discovering the UK’s hidden green spaces.

  2. This look like a great event. Fresh air and keeping fit, excellent combo. I will be going to the next event. Do you know when the next event is?

  3. Location: Chee Dale
    Date: Saturday 26th Septmeber 2020
    Time: Meet @ 10:00am – Walk starts @ 10.30am
    Meeting Place: Millers Dale Car Park Buxton, Sat Nav SK17 BSN
    Looking forward to see you😉

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