RDX Sports Review: Best Selling Equipments

RDX Sports Review


I think when it comes on to workout RDX sports is a great ideal for males and females. It has some best selling equipment for training and supports worldwide. They always have some excellent reviews regarding the equipment’s from RDX sports, including the customer service. You can also do all your training within RDX sports Uk using any of their equipment provided for you. 

This is very beneficial for beginners who just started out and needed help with their training. The main question, is RDX sports a good boxing brand? Yes! Its being knowing well worldwide for the best boxing brand and equipment. RDX sports don’t only support boxing, if you love being into the cage, ring, or just on the mat that is fine even if you looking for some brand fitness clothing. There are also fighting events you can join and take it to next level if you like with RDX sports. The gym is there if you just want to box, kickboxing, and lifting weights, and many more I will not be able to put and one page. Get 5% off Store-wide at RDX Sports on Boxing, MMA & Fitness Equipment. (Click here to get Promo Code


RDX Sports reviews

  •  I Love their products! I ordered a pair of muay Thai pads and they did not disappoint me. Shipping took a while but that’s understandable due to this pandemic. There were a few hiccups along the way but I spoke to the resolution department and Grace quickly resolved any issues I had.

  • Customer Service has been outstanding, I am satisfied. The quality of the RDX sports punch bag and the other items I ordered were actually better quality than I expected for the money well spent, very impressed. The punch bag itself came filled, perfectly filled just how asking it to be

  • I have gone to the RDX sports UK a few days trying to find an RDX punch bag. and the store had sold out therefore in a few days I was shocked RDX sports had stock again in few days. I needed a bag for Punching & Kicking so used their live chat for guidance, they pointed me to a punching bag with the boxing gloves they were very affordable and excellent customer service


RDX sports products and services

The Services from RDX Sports always offer a 100% money-back and a free replacement guarantee. They have great customer services that answer any problem you may have chosen what is right for you. They have a live chat online or send written email and they will have you facilitated in the best possible manner. Customers always get the value of their money instead of letting it go down the drain with RDX sports. Their products are well branded and fit for any workout fitness, not only just good but better, and the best selling equipment are;

RDX boxing gloves reviews

The leather F7 ego boxing gloves it’s made with synthetic leather material as a very smooth texture, well designed, and come in several colors of your choice. The base color is white and then RDX sports just changed the secondary color but it is still the same gloves. I love the gold color but you can get it in blue and red as well, it is a Velcro closure and does have that RDX sports rubber patch. The official or the technical name for F7 ego boxing gloves is B. G. R. F7 G. L. Also you can see the RDX sports logo, making it really look stylish.

RDX boxing gloves

The design honestly is not really too sure what’s going on with that, but it looks like it has X criss-cross pattern and I’m not a huge fan of the design by the way it looks, but I like the fact the F7 ego boxing gloves have some kinda drips and dots added to make it look like there’s some speed to the RDX boxing gloves. 

I’m not sure about the design, what they were going for, but maybe somebody could comment on that below. But the RDX boxing gloves have an attached thumb to it that do mark on it the F7 ultimate grip, which looks very unique with double stitching on the grip on the palm side, and you can also see the stitching right on the side which is pretty standard.

RDX sports did a good job of putting the ventilated holes on the palm as well as on the thumps, making it different from the rest of the boxing gloves. To tighten up the gloves on your hand you have the full belt wrap-around strap support.
Approval stamps like a lot of everything else RDX sports equipment use a lot of technical word like MG1 Membrane grid, Performance gear, Kaux leather, Premium quality hand made, Quality approved, High breath-ability, and Anatomical cut.
The Weight of boxing gloves looks similar in size but the weights are totally different from each other, using a metric scale. The right boxing glove weight is 15.6 ounces and the left glove 15.7, so there almost equal to each other just about an ounce and a half heavier, than their 14-ounce advertisement, so that’s why you should go ahead and always do some reviews.


RDX punch bag reviews

The full home training edition which is called RDX giant inside package comes with a heavy pro-RDX punch bag, boxing gloves, jump rope, key-chains, hook, hand wrap, and a variety of training pieces of types of equipment from RDX sports good for indoor and outdoor. But the main thing I want to review is the RDX punch bag. When I do my home training inside my room on the punch bag I have to move a bit of stuff out of the way, so I have enough space for a good workout. 

The RDX boxing bag is apart of the giant inside the package from RDX sport which is really interested in, when you get the package delivered and when open it you don’t have to assemble the punch bag apart from the chains on the top. I have to say that it did smell quite a bit like mold and warehouse when I first opened the packaging, even though it was sort of sealed in a plastic bag so that’s something to take into consideration. 

RDX punch bag
How to install the RDX punch bag, you do get everything in the RDX giant inside the package that you need for installing it, obviously, you would need the punch bag to swing, so you need to hook it in the ceiling. But don’t worry that’s not an issue because you get everything in the package to install the hook plug, so make sure that you always hang this up properly because you’re going to be punching and kicking this bag and it going to have quite a strain on the hole that’s is in the ceiling. Make sure you do it properly and that is going to involve some serious drilling for sure to hold the RDX punch bag. 
Authentic RDX Inner Hand Wraps

Anyone who suffers from hand injuries can tell you how painful and devastating it can be when training or competing. You need to look after yourself so RDX stops come up with simple equipment for just those who need hands protection, The authentic inner hand wrap is ideal the best way to keep it in your gym bag to use. They are perfect to train with even if injuries to keep support. The RDX boxing glove is elasticated so they fit perfectly on your hand. You can use them under your training boxing gloves, or if you want to use them alone. It has made with good quality material from RDX sport so it won’t be wearing out and available in several colors.

RDX Inner Hand Wraps

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