How To Use Lavender Essential Oil- Benefits Quotes

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil


Hey, today i, am sharing simple benefits quotes how to use lavender essential oil, it  has a calming fragrance the lavender essential oil is particularly known for its ability to use relax and promote restful sleep. its rejuvenating and soothing effective skin treatment and a good skin healing. Below show you the best benefits use of lavender essential oil.


Lavender Essential oil uses 

    • Soothes skin lavender essential oil has the ability to soften and condition the affected area of the skin. To use lavender essential oil, you need to adding it to any lotion creams, base oils, and bath preparations. 

    •  Healing skin making it useful for mouth ulcers and cuts. By applying it to heat, lavender oil makes an effective first-aid remedy for burns, cuts, bites, and stings. its healing properties can ease acne, eczema, acne rosacea, and psoriasis, and reduce scarring.


    • Restful sleep benefits lavender essential oil helps with deep relaxation, reduces stress levels and anxiety, and is a popular remedy for a good restful sleep


    • Acts as a painkiller the analgesic properties make lavender oil a good treatment to use for headaches and migraine, as well as muscular and nerve pain. As an anti-spasmodic, it eases menstrual cramps 


    • Act as an antiseptic its keeps wounds, ulcers, and sores clean. in a shallow bath, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for infections such as cystitis.


    • Calming fragrance lavender oil is good for fresh air it makes an ideal to remove the unpleasant smell and preventing the growth of disease-causing microorganisms when add-in the oil in a diffuser to spray the room.


    • For bath oil adds 8-12 drops to 1 tablespoon base oil or full-fat milk and disperses in a relaxing bedtime bath. 


    • Massage oil adds 12-20 drops to 2 tablespoons base oil. 


        Lavender oil Made from

        The lavender essential oil is make from a plate call lavandula  augustifolia, this plant is commonly use for essential oils. Lavandula or lavender is a hybrid with contain medicinal  properties like, aroma, antiseptic, and tonic. The lavender essential oil is colorless or pale yellow, it has a floral, slightly harsh, and sweet having a synthetic compounds. always check the label for the name Lavandula angustifolia to be sure your getting the right quality. An it safe to use lavender essential oil on your skin because its non-toxic and should not irritate the skin when used neat on small areas.

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